Who are they?

Urban Growth Learning Gardens is a social enterprise that improves Londoners' well-being by collaborating with them to create & maintain beautiful, biodiverse spaces.


Branding, WordPress Website, Social Media Strategy Campaign, Posters

Lambeth is close to our heart, so when Urban Growth approached us to create a campaign to make Lambeth greener and healthier, we were eager to jump on board. From a full, fresh campaign identity and visual language to a holistic social media campaign, Your Streets, Your Way bloomed into a colourful medley that saw miraculous conversions over the span of 8 weeks.

"Drew London totally pulled it out the bag by turning around a complete campaign in less than two weeks. The team were totally un-phased and a dream to work with. They listened to feedback, adapted, and delivered. Social media in particular was important to our campaign. Chirasree was knowledgeable, quickly grasping the brand, and the messaging, so much so, I was able to let them run with it with minimal input and complete trust, which for a busy organisation is the type of partners you want to work with. Ultimately, the campaign helped to deliver tangible results for the Street Design Competition and we hope now it will become a yearly event!"

- Carrie Starbuck, Managing Director


Our posters found spots in all corners of Lambeth, generating active interest in the competition both paid and organic campaigns for Facebook and Instagram delivered exceptional results for Urban Growth.

With a combined effort of paid and organic promotions we increased our account reach by 160.2% equalling over 24,000 users. We also gained 86 unique followers within two weeks since the campaign went live. We acquired a 51% conversion on the competition webpage visits. The campaign was so successful that a yearly event of similar campaigns are being discussed.