All businesses need to keep pace with what their customers want. They simply can’t afford to stand still—diversification is essential (don’t be a Toys R Us).

When I first chatted to Michael about a website for his office fruit delivery service many years ago, he was reluctant to invest in marketing. The reason was this: his father had been running their market stall on Leather Lane for the past 40 years and he didn’t like change. And why should he change? The ledgers and many of the orders were still dealt with manually, and that was how he liked it. But Michael felt the need to grow, to diversify and attract a new type of consumer. Michael was seeing Leather Lane change before his very eyes; rents increasing, Sainsbury’s and Tesco Locals opening opposite their pitch, tenants changing. Michael did not want his family and their business to be left behind.

So we carried on talking. Michael and I spent some time discussing the importance of having a memorable brand and easy-to-use website. In just a few weeks, we delivered a brand, marketing, signage—and even a staff uniform—and launched his e-commerce website on Shopify.  That was 12 months ago. Now, Michael is convinced that FruitDesk may have saved his family business, with an increase in office deliveries of 129%!

Not only are we a creative partner to Michael, but we are also a customer: As an employer, I want the best for my team. I want to ensure that they feel valued and I also know how important health is. Health = happiness, after all. Buying a weekly fruit box from Michael at FruitDesk is a no brainer. It’s not just the quality of the fruit we like, it’s the personal service. Too many green apples? No problem, the next week we received some exotic lychees!

If you’re based in the EC1 area, or thereabouts, order your fruit box today through their website (we think you’ll find the online ordering experience seamless) through this link or call Michael direct on 07775 757879. See? He’s still old-school enough to take a call from a customer. Give them a try.

Want to diversify your product but feel overwhelmed with the idea? Give me a call, or drop me a line, always happy to have a ‘no strings attached’ chat.

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