We here at Drew, offer full-service marketing communication across print and digital, at the very centre of our offer, is branding. Over the past 13+ years, we have had the gift of rebranding multiple companies. 

We believe a strong brand drives business value and rather wonderfully our rebrands have seen our clients receive a rapid revenue increase or over 30%. Added to which we aim to see an ROI on our websites, from launch, in under three months (one lucky client received their ROI on the same day as the launch!). 

A well-executed rebrand breaths life into companies, internally and externally. We’ve cherry-picked a range of rebrands below, from our service provider client; STL Partners who deliver telecoms innovation, to luxury goods; Emmy London, to premium smoothie makers; Love Smoothies, we are proud of them all.

Through our ‘Drew & You’ discovery process we are able to outline and communicate the values of your brand, your offer and most importantly your core DNA. Discovering the thing (or things!) that keeps your customers coming back, again and again, and then ensuring these messages are amplified.

In need of a refresh?

Want to approach a new market?

Have a new product you’d like to shout about? 

or, simply in need of some advice, please do drop me a line, I’ll do anything for a cuppa! elle@drewlondon.co.uk

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