10 November 2021

Business Book Recommendation

Have a brilliant new business idea? Don’t be afraid to share your vision and discover if there’s an audience for it. Ensure you ask probing questions rather than “This is my idea….would you buy it?” Often, as you’re sharing with mums, dads, friends, and people who generally want to see you succeed, the answer can be skewed. To help ask the right questions we highly recommend this brilliant book, The Mom Test, which outlines a series of questions to understand what people think about your brilliant business idea.

10 November 2021

You Need To Use This…

Catch any grammar mistakes before sending that important email with this handy web extension.

10 November 2021

Tired of Losing Your Notes?

Ever find yourself surrounded by notebooks? Or arrive at a meeting with the wrong one? Frustrating right!

I’ve had my reMarkable for a while now and I literally could not live without it. Their clever software converts hand-written notes to text which you can then share effortlessly. Don’t be put off by the high price tag, this gorgeous bit of tech is a must have.

10 November 2021

Super Useful Tool!

Ever wondered how to take a screenshot of an entire webpage? Go Full Page plugin on Chrome, it is easier than ever ?
✅ Fast & Simple: one click to capture a full webpage
✅ Privacy: no extra permissions are required to install
✅ Save: Download your screenshots as PNG, JPG, PDF…

10 November 2021

Something To Think About

Life may throw curve balls, but it is up to you to choose how you react. Matt Miller talks about exercising courage.

10 November 2021

So Much More Than a Msg

The Slack app makes the globe so much smaller. We liaise with multiple clients thanks to Slack. From organising conversations into #Channels and transferring files, to DMs with clients.

Slack’s a lifesaver.