Your Streets Your Way – Engaging the local community to create a cleaner and greener Lambeth and win prizes!

Social media is one of the most exciting creative tools in your toolbox, that can be effectively maximized alongside your other marketing tools. And great social media management acts as a major boost to your brand building, reputation, awareness, and sales.

Over a set period, it’s helpful to classify your social media activities into specific short-term and long-term goals. With a series of coordinated activities including strategy on content, copy, tone of voice, hashtags, and customer profiling, you can measure and track both qualitative and quantitive outcomes. And, of course, you can choose to maximize one social media channel or utilize several platforms to align with your business objectives.

As a design studio, we work closely with our in-house design team and digital marketing expert to leverage a range of social media channels to interact and engage with the target audience of the brands and businesses we work with. Ultimately social media helps build great sustainable relationships which put the brand at forefront of the audience’s mind.

Recently we worked with Urban Growth Learning Gardens for the #YourStreetsYourWay campaign. Urban Growth Learning Gardens is a social enterprise that improves Londoners’ well-being by collaborating with them to create and maintain beautiful, biodiverse spaces. They teamed up with Lambeth Council to encourage residents in Lambeth to transform local spaces into urban landscapes for a healthier and greener city.

The social media campaign was a huge success because we were able to target local residents to take part in the campaign. The result was lots of sign-ups to the campaign and newsletters, and lots of residents taking part in the activities we ran alongside it. Our multi-tiered social media campaign started with a media strategy for two of the most used channels for Urban Growth, Facebook and Instagram.

The strategy included a holistic approach and a campaign-specific approach, to attain both long-term and short-term goals. With a combination of paid and organic promotions across Facebook and Instagram, we raised brand awareness, subscriptions, and increased interest in the campaign and the wider activities of Urban Growth. We created branded collaterals for each channel, audience-specific copy, and hashtags to increase awareness, reach, and engagement. We developed on all aspects of community management and content-creating.

We also scheduled a campaign calendar where details of each post were stored to create a seamless feedback loop.

Our specifically targeted paid ad content maximized reach and this led to good levels of competition participation. We continuously monitored analytics, adjusted campaign as required, and ultimately raised awareness through every journey touchpoint. Our presence online grew steadily, attracting a loyal audience and influencing the niche of gardening and urban landscapes. Within two months, our social media campaign yielded an account reach of 160.2% equivalent to 24,556 accounts. We also gained 86 unique followers within two weeks since the campaign went live. We achieved a 51% conversion on competition page visits. Our unique and daily creative content not only earned success among our target audience, but we also received praise from the local council.

Drew London totally pulled it out the bag by turning around a complete campaign in less than two weeks. The team were totally unfazed and a dream to work with. They listened to feedback, adapted, and delivered. Social media in particular was important to our campaign. The digital media strategist was knowledgeable, quickly grasping the brand, and the messaging, so much so, I was able to let them run with it with minimal input and complete trust, which for a busy organisation is the type of partners you want to work with. Ultimately, the campaign helped to deliver tangible results for the Street Design Competition and we hope now it will become a yearly event! – Carrie Starbuck, Managing Director, Urban Growth

Do you need assistance with setting up social media platforms or simply want to discuss which platform is right for you and your company?

From initial social setup to implementation and monitoring, Drew London can help your brand be more social. We create and develop creative and effective social media solutions that engage with your target audience. If you would like to find out more about how we can help support your business, get in touch.

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