Drew has been around for 16 years, and in that time we have realised that WordPress is the best solution for our clients. It has all the tools your website needs to succeed and we know we can deliver an incredible website in WordPress.

So, why WordPress?

  • The most popular and widely supported CMS in the world: nearly 35% of all sites use it.
  • Works from the smallest site to sites getting hundreds of thousands of visitors. WordPress is built to scale.
  • WordPress is open-source. This is important as it means there is no limit to what can be built in WordPress or limits to who can build a plugin for it. Unlike Wix, Webflow etc you are not limited by what features have been added already. If you have the time and money anything can be built in WordPress.
  • Being open-source also means that WordPress is not run by one private company. You don’t have to worry about WordPress disappearing overnight as it is maintained by an open and public development process.
  • Lots of people using WordPress and building it also means lots of people looking for and fixing security issues. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of WordPress and Plugin updates. Which is something that Drew is happy to help with after launch. (Please request to see our post-launch Support Packages.)
  • WordPress also has many of the account/profile features you will need, no time wasted building these basic features.
  • WordPress is so popular that it means there will always be people to help you work on your site or maintain it. With other private/smaller CMS’ or website builders it can be hard to get the help you need or that help will be much more expensive. 

We won’t leave you with a platform that cannot be expanded upon or will be prohibitively expensive to upgrade.


  • WordPress is great for SEO, especially organic SEO. WordPress does this by making metadata easy to manage. Especially if you use a plugin like Yoast SEO. This lets you change it easily in the WordPress editor for every page, post etc. Other services do not give you that much control.
  • WordPress’ endless customisation means every part of the site can be tweaked to make it work better for SEO. Unlike competitions that block off certain parts of the site, WordPress will not limit you when trying to improve it for SEO. 
  • Drew works with some of the best SEO experts who all recommend WordPress. And if you need that extra bit of SEO help we can organise it. 

Data Security

  • We will make sure all user information is securely stored and will adhere to GDPR standards, meaning it will be easy for user information to be retrieved and deleted on request. 
  • WordPress has controls built in to make handling GDPR requirements easy. These include deleting all user data from the site database quickly and easily for admins. 

Load Testing 

  • Our time working with large scale clients like M&G and FMN has given us experience dealing with custom server architecture. We will work closely with your server/hosting provider to make sure whatever we built will work in conjunction with the server, to avoid common bottlenecks which slow down websites. We can also recommend best practices Drew has used in the past such as Sucuri.
  • Our preferred hosting provider Siteground has many great options for making sure the site is as fast as possible. We can handle implementation if you go with Siteground for your hosting.
  • We also have experience integrating Cloudflare into sites. Cloudflare is one world’s leading CDN’s and caching services. And it is the perfect step for sites with a large amount of traffic (this is not a standard service and will incur extra costs).


  • We will use a range of tools to make sure everything from colour choices and HTML layout is fully accessible to all legal standards. At Drew we built sites to the internationally recognised WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). 
  • As WordPress is fully customisable, this means making the site fully accessible is much easier than in a site builder like Wix. We can tweak everything necessary, down to the HTML elements which is not always possible in other options.
  • If accessibility is something your site and company needs to take even more seriously and go above and beyond the legal requirements. There are great options out there that will make your site go the extra mile that Drew can recommend. 


  • WordPress is great at e-commerce too even though most people don’t expect this. WooCommerce is free and built into WordPress and allows any WordPress site to get a store up and running. So if you’ve got a WordPress site you also have an e-commerce store.
  • WooCommerce has all the essentials of a store built-in and many great extras like selling subscriptions are a small extra fee.
  • WooCommerce benefits from all the SEO tools of WordPress. This is even more important for an e-commerce site as SEO is the difference between a normal store and a sold out successful one.

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