The importance of having a clear niche before launching a new product/service

As a branding and digital agency, we spend a lot of time analyzing and discussing target audiences and personas with our clients. It is an essential part of our process before designing a new brand or developing a new website.

Understanding how to define a target audience and a niche is beneficial and necessary for any brand, product, and/or service that is trying to solve a real problem.

Recently, we supported the launch of South Asian Therapists, the very first online global directory for South Asian therapy and mental health professionals. We created an online platform to provide clear, transparent communication for both therapists and patients, allowing this very specific community to find a safe, trusted space online.

This particular case study is very important to us because, in the very first weeks of its launch, the platform was not only able to register and sign-up an incredible amount of vendors and interests, but it has also had a massive impact on raising awareness for minority segments of the population as well as bringing its community closer.

300+ sign-ups
in less than a week

In the first few weeks following its launch announcement, this project gained momentum and over 500 people reached out before the platform was live. The idea initially took shape in the very inspiring mind behind the Pink Ladoo Project, founder and best-selling author Raj Khaira. Raj quickly understood that her audience needed help and she quickly responded to a real need, providing her community with a new platform, where support would be available, knowing it would really benefit both professionals and those seeking therapy.

The importance of a community

Her community inspired her idea, helped her shape the product, and ultimately became its final patron. A community is a reflection of a physical audience, and where there is an audience, there are clear expectations on the type of content and support available.

To refer back to this example, South Asian Therapists’ niche is a segment of the PinkLadoo audience. Yes, the brand looks absolutely amazing, and the website works wonderfully, but if it wasn’t for the people and the necessity of bringing the platform to life, this wouldn’t have worked as well as it did.

When working on a passion project, while starting out as an entrepreneur or in the start-up phase, you have to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and really dig deep into why users would find value in your experience, how your project is going to help them, and why they should buy into your service or product.

Our team is focused and passionate about helping people and projects with a real purpose because we see the benefit of developing a brand or a platform that will represent strong values and objectives.

If you are not sure about your niche, need help to refine your audience, or are in the middle of re-aligning your brand to answer different needs, do get in touch.
We have a brilliant workshop that covers this in-depth!

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